Services Overview

Domestic and International Medical Escort Services

Commercial medical escort transportation is a cost effective alternative to a traditional medical air ambulance. At SkyCare Global we provide a fast, reliable, medical escort and repatriation service worldwide. With our network of highly skilled medical escorts and clinicians placed aboard commercial aircraft, we have the ability to provide outstanding medical care in the most cost efficient manner. Our medical escorts are paramedics, RN’s and Physicians with extensive experience in the aeromedical setting. Contact us today for a complete assessment and see if our medical escort service is right for you.

Coordinating Services

We will coordinate every aspect of the transport, leaving you and/or your clients stress free. From start to finish, SkyCare Global does it all.

In House Travel

SkyCare Global has its own in house travel department to facilitate all medical repatriation and evacuation needs. Our coordination team can secure the following:

  • Airline ticketing (refundable and non refundable)
  • Hotel reservations (medical staff, patients, and companions)
  • Ground transportation (private limo, ambulance, or stretcher van)
  • Wheelchair assistance (from door to door)

Oxygen and Medical Clearances

SkyCare Global will obtain all medical clearances and oxygen approval from the airlines and FAA. Our team can get approval within 24-48 hours, and in many cases even sooner. The oxygen concentrators our medical escorts use are approved for commercial air travel and allow us to speed up the approval process.

Ground Transportation

We assess the needs of each patient and determine the most cost effective and safest way to transport your client. Whether it is a sedan, limo, or ambulance, SkyCare Global will ensure a smooth ride throughout our transfer.