medical escorts


Medical Clinicians

SkyCare Global staffs experienced medical professionals all across the globe. All of our medical escorts and clinicians are fully licensed and certified with extensive clinical backgrounds. Our providers consist of flight paramedics, registered nurses and physicians based in high volume fire departments, EMS systems, and emergency rooms. SkyCare Global requires all medical staff to hold and maintain various certifications including Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Trauma and CPR, as well as Flight Physiology.

Medical Escorts

Our medical escort providers are some of the most trustworthy, caring, and resourceful people you will ever encounter. SkyCare Global medical escorts are unmatched during stressful situations where critical thinking comes into play. No matter the situation you can rest assured that SkyCare Global will always get the job done.

All flight staff have specific directives in place for urgent events that can arise and our Medical Director is available anytime if additional support is needed. We will obtain all necessary medical clearances from the airlines and have measures in place with airport security to streamline your transfer.